We specialize in spine and peripheral nerve surgery. We do a variety of pain procedures. This web page lists many of the common procedures but is not complete. If you do not see a procedure that you may have read about, call us and schedule a visit. We probably do the procedure.

Minimally invasive procedures (also called “MIS” for minimally invasive surgery) are those where there is little disruption of the tissues, less pain, and a smaller scar. These generally are safer. For most the risks are lower. Hospitalization is usually not needed. Minimally invasive procedures include pain injections, nerve blocks, some discectomies, some fusions, and endoscopic carpal tunnel surgeries.

Minor procedures are more invasive than minimally invasive surgeries but still less so than major procedures. Most can be done in surgery centers. These may require hospitalization for a short period of time (generally one or two days). Minor procedures include cervical discectomies, lumbar discectomies, and ulnar nerve surgery.

Major procedures are for more severe problems and require longer incisions, more time and longer hospitalizations (often four or five days). These include major lumbar fusions, some re-do surgeries, tumor surgeries, and surgeries in patients with significant other medical problems.

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