Neurosurgical Abbreviations

The following list of abbreviations includes those most commonly used by physicians, pharmacists and other practitioners.  It includes those most commonly used in workers' compensation law.  It is not complete and is not perfect.  Abbreviations vary from one doctor to the next and from one hospital to the next.  Some abbreviations are common and others are rare.  Abbreviations change constantly as does medicine in general.  The use of abbreviations is increasingly discouraged since they can be so confusing.

I present this list to help the patients, lawyers and insurance administrators interpret the notes that they receive from their doctors.

To make the search easier, click on the first letter of the abbreviation from the list below.

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If you are aware of any abbreviations not in this list, your help would be greatly appreciated.  Please send me any abbreviations not on the list and I will update the web site.  Click here to send a comment.

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