Medical-legal, Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Testimony

Med-legals include workers' compensation and personal injury testimony.

Workers' Compensation

In addition to providing medical care to injured workers, doctors are often called asked to consult regarding medical-legal issues of causation, apportionment, level of disability, and level of impairment using the AMA Guides.

Personal Injury

Personal injury patients are often seen for treatment or for medical-legal evaluations. Liens are occasionally taken for treatment but expert testimony cannot be provided on a lien basis. Lien agreements must be signed advance. 

Medical Malpractice Case Reviews

Doctors will occasionally provide consultations in cases of suspected medical malpractice. They can evaluate cases for either defense or plaintiff counsel.

Some doctors are also available as expert witnesses concerning matters of neurology and neurosurgical medicine for personal injury, tort, and malpractice cases

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