Spiritual Healing

For some, spirituality is a religion, and for some it is not.  Many seem confused about what is prayer. Different cultures have different approaches to prayer.  Regardless of the type of prayer, there is strong scientific evidence which shows that prayer works. Patients who are the subjects of prayer have been shown to heal more quickly and more reliably.  Many doctors recommend that prayer be an integral part of the treatment process. 

There are no specific pre-requisites for the location or time of prayer. It is not clear if some forms are more effective than others, and it is difficult to explain how prayer works scientifically.  Studies show, however, that it does work even when it involves prayer by someone far away from the patient.  It works even when the patient is not aware of the prayer.

Studies have found that healthy older adults who participate in private religious activity (prayer, meditation or bible study) "appear to have a survival advantage over those who do not."  Further, the loss of faith increases the risk of dying.  Those who struggle with religious beliefs during an illness, have a lower chance of recovering.

The benefit of prayer is independent of the religion practiced.  The prayers of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and all of the other religions of the world are equally effective.

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