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Jacob-Creutzfeldt Disease This is a rare disease of the brain which causes dementia (slow thought) and eventual death.  It is similar to mad-cow disease.

Joint The junction (articulation) between two or more bones that permits movement between the bones.

Jogger Foot Syndrome (Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome) This painful pinching of a nerve at the ankle is similar to the carpal tunnel syndrome in the arm.  This may be fixed with surgery.

Johnson-Stevens Syndrome (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome) An allergic loss of much of the skin.  Often this is fatal if not treated early.

Jones Criteria The combination of signs used to diagnose rheumatic fever.

Jones Syndrome (Cherubism) This is the combination of several birth defects including craniosynostosis and Dandy-Walker Malformations.

Jugular Sign (Queckenstedt Test) If the compression of both jugular veins causes increased intracranial pressure, there is possible a lateral sinus thrombosis.

Jugular Veins Veins that carry blood from the head back to the heart.

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