Working with Your Insurance Coverage

As a courtesy to our patients, the insurance company will be billed first, whenever possible. We accept most of the better medical insurance plans available in the area.

  • All indemnity plans 

  • All industrial (workers' compensation) plans 

  • Many local PPO's

  • Medicare

What insurance information to bring for your appointment

Insurance plans and their rules change frequently. Please bring all of your insurance cards with you for every visit. If you have more than one insurance plan, or if your spouse is covered, inform my staff so that we can help coordinate the benefits and save you money. Some insurance companies require us to check your coverage or obtain insurance pre-authorization for visits or procedures.

Many insurance companies require us to collect co-payments at the time of your visit. Correct change is very helpful. We accept checks, Master Card, and Visa.

Our billing department  is available to answer all your questions. Danita Vardy is the supervisor of the billing department.  You may call our billing staff at 510-494-5712.  You may also send a fax to 510-494-5517.  We also strongly encourage you to call your insurance company directly.  Please check your benefits to make sure that your medical treatment will be covered by your insurance. 

Working with your insurance company

When calling an insurance company on the phone, always write down the name of the person with whom you speak.  If possible, get a written promise that they will pay your medical bills.  Ask the company to fax you the promise.  A promise "pending review," or depending on things beyond your control, is not really a promise topay.  If you do not have a written guarantee, they may not pay the bills.  If the insurance company does not pay, you will usually be held responsible for all of the charges. 

There are several types of health insurance.  Commercial insurance is the type of coverage provided by Blue Cross, Kaiser, and similar companies.  It includes HMO's, PPO's, POS's and all of the plans commonly advertised on television and in the newspaper.  It is usually provided by one's employer, although individual policies are available.  All grades are available from very good (and expensive) to very poor (and low priced).  Workers' compensation insurance covers injuries on the job.  The benefits are set by state law in California and virtually all other places in the United States.  Automobile insurance and other liability policies provide some coverage.  Coverage of this type is not regulated by law, is very variable, and may not be reliable.

For more information about workers' compensation insurance, click here.  For more information about commercial insurance, click here.

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